we are secs

SECS was set up in 2014 by a team of multidisciplinary experts with a global vision of protecting our natural resources with professionalism and technical expertise. We are constantly investing in new technology and monitoring methods to ensure fast and accurate results, all with the aim of providing our clients with the very best.

Learn more about the vision, values and governing principles that surround our environment, our business, and our people.

Our Vision

  • To deliver the best value for our clients
  • To be the best technology provider in terms of modelling capabilities to assist our clients in predicting risk in any environmental projects
  • To be the best employer and provide learning opportunities for our staff in areas of soil, water and air

Our values

  • Integrity – We believe in upholding the highest level of ethical behavior and personal integrity in the conduct of our business
  • Trust – we trust and empower our staff to maximize their learning potential and enable them to grow with our organization.  
  • Strategic Alliances – we believe in fostering lasting partnerships with individuals and organizations that support the drive towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

Our principles

Our business is governed by a number of principles concerning our environment, our business and our people.


  • Providing our clients with value added service and innovative solutions to help them resolve issues or respond quickly to challenges imposed with compliance in sustainable development
  • Conducting our business honestly and uphold integrity when dealing with clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring the health, safety, personal security and well-being of our people
  • Understand, respect and follow governing laws in countries where our business is conducted.