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Singapore's Battle with Silty Water

By Donald William Folkoff, Environmental Director

Singapore’s Sewerage and Drainage Act has had huge ramifications for the construction industry. In 2013, a contractor was fined for letting muddy water flow out of their construction site and into a nearby stream; this stream was home to 12 species of frogs, including several endangered ones, as well as several species of fish and dragonflies.

SECS currently works with the Public Utilities Board of Singapore to monitor and inspect waterways for silt and sedimentation.

Contaminated Land in Singapore

By Donald William Folkoff, Environmental Director

Here, we take a look at how contaminated land is defined, and steps taken to determine whether a piece of land requires remediation. In general, an Environmental Baseline Study or Environmental Site Assessment is required.

However, the results of the study need to be compared against recognized standards such as the Dutch Target and Intervention Values, ASTM guidelines, or USEPA RSBLs. These standards make different assumptions, and a thorough understanding is required to properly interpret EBS results.

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